Verendrye Electric to serve new hospital


Verendrye Electric is proud to be the electrical provider for the new hospital in southwest Minot currently under construction by Trinity Health. Verendrye currently has power at the site and is currently in the planning stages to construct a new substation near the hospital. The substation will provide a source of power to the hospital, and pave the way for more growth in that area of Minot.

Gymagic Donation

Verendrye presents $15,000 donation to Gymagic Gymnastics

Verendrye Electric partnered with Basin Electric Power Cooperative and CoBank in July to donate $15,000 to the Gymagic Gymnastics organization in Minot.

CoBank, a cooperative bank based in Colorado, has a program called Sharing Success where it provides up to $5,000 in grants to cooperative borrowers on a matching basis. Basin Electric, Verendrye’s power generation cooperative, also has a matching grant program.

Check your heat meters

Cold weather means it is time to check your heat meter

Heating season is upon us, and if you heat your home or businesses with electricity, it means you likely have two meters – one to measure your normal usage, and another to measure just the electricity used for heating.