Verendrye donates to food pantry

Verendrye donates to food pantry

Verendrye donated 700 meals donated to local food pantry 

There was a lot of internal debate among Verendrye employees on how many meals of meatballs and mashed potatoes to order for this year’s annual meeting.  

Would the cooperative have the same number of guests as pre-pandemic levels as people became eager to get out? Would attendance continue to be very low? Verendrye has served as many as 3,200 meals in past meetings.  

In the end, staff settled on ordering 2,000 meals from Homesteader’s Restaurant, a Verendrye Member in Minot. Not wanting to waste any meals, employees worked with Dean Aberle, owner of Homesteader’s, on a plan to donate any extra meals.  

Aberle and his crew made arrangements with the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry in Minot ahead of time to donate the extra meals. They made sure the food was immediately refrigerated for food safety. The pantry also has refrigerators and freezers. 

Gerald Rosie, chairman of the Welcome Table, a non-profit group that operates the pantry, said the donation was appreciated. 

“It’s an awful nice present for them because it’s something they don’t have to prepare,” Rosie said. “We serve about 100 families each day we are open and some families have 5 or 6 people.” 

The pantry is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and serves anyone living in Ward County. 

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