SmartHub E-bill

SmartHub E-bill

SmartHub logoSmartHub is Verendrye Electric Cooperative’s free online bill payment system that also allows you to monitor your energy usage. If you are new to paying your bill online, you will need to create a SmartHub account.

Log in to SmartHub or to create an account.

SmartHub Features:

  • Provides 24-hour access to account or accounts.
  • Sends an e-mail notification when a new electric bill is generated. The e-mail includes a link for easy navigation to your billing information. You can use SmartHub to review account information and pay your electric bill, or you may choose to pay in a different manner.
  • Allows you to pay electronically using an American Express, Visa or MasterCard, or an electronic check transaction.
  • Displays posting of payments in real time.
  • Provides current and historical billing information and payment history.
  • Outlines energy usage in graphs.
  • Includes a free app for your smartphone or tablet. Download it by searching for “SmartHub” on either the Apple Store or Android Market. Once the app is open, type in “Verendrye Electric Cooperative” as the provider. The login information is the same for both the web and mobile app. For new users, click the "New User" option in the upper right hand corner of the app (iPhone), or the person with the plus sign (android).
  • Allows you to enroll in Paperless Billing (you will receive a 50-cent credit each month).
  • Lets those with multiple accounts pay with a single payment.

Download the SmartHub app!

Download the free SmartHub app for your smartphone or tablet. You can pay your electric bill and monitor your energy usage on your account or accounts from anywhere. Scan the QR code below to access SmartHub in the Apple iTunes app Store or Android Market.

iOS Users

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Android Users

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Watch this short video to learn about how Smart Hub can help you manage your account and save energy.