Help for utility bills and rent

Help for utility bills and rent

ND Rent Help Program to help with rent and utility bills

The North Dakota Department of Human Services has announced there will be additional help through the ND Rent Help Program. The program will help with both rent and utility assistance.

The application is the same as the one for rent assistance since the qualification requirements are the same for rent and for utility. A household can apply for both or just utility assistance if they do not need rent assistance. They will just need to answer yes to the application question that asks if they are behind on utilities and no to the question if they are behind on rent.

More information and the application through the North Dakota Department of Human Services can be found here: The application must be completed online. Contact 701-328-1907 or for assistance on this application.

Verendrye does not review, approve or receive the applications. The ND Rent Help Program is affiliated with state funding and you should contact their office for more information or help completing the form. If you need more help than they can provide you, you can contact Community Action at 701-839-7221. This program does not take the place of other programs such as the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). If members have applied for any assistance, we ask they contact our offices at 701-852-0406 and speak to our Billing Department to further work the account. Often, Verendrye is not aware that a member has sought assistance and the account can continue to go through the collection process in the meantime while the application is being processed or the payment is being mailed.


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