Gymagic Donation

Gymagic Donation

Verendrye presents $15,000 donation to Gymagic Gymnastics

Verendrye Electric partnered with Basin Electric Power Cooperative and CoBank in July to donate $15,000 to the Gymagic Gymnastics organization in Minot.

CoBank, a cooperative bank based in Colorado, has a program called Sharing Success where it provides up to $5,000 in grants to cooperative borrowers on a matching basis. Basin Electric, Verendrye’s power generation cooperative, also has a matching grant program.

Gymagic Gymnastics is located in east Minot and served by Verendrye. For many years the organization rented a building on the North Dakota State Fairgrounds, but they moved into their own building a year ago. It is located in east Minot near the new Nedrose School.

Talli Danelson, director of Gymagic, said the money will help buy new equipment and take care of other needs.

“We’re just very thankful for this donation,” Danelson said. “It will help every kid who uses this facility.”

She estimated that more than 500 kids use the facility. The ages range from toddlers to high schoolers. In addition to their training and competitive gymnastics programs, the gym features regular play dates where people can pay a small fee for their children to use the gym. For more information about their programs check them out on Facebook or at


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