Electric Heating Products

Electric Heating Products

Verendrye Electric carries a variety of electric heating products, and can advise you on what would work for you. Here are some of the options we have available.

Baseboard and Cove heaters

Electric zoned heating includes a variety of systems, with the most common being cove or baseboard heat. These systems are easy to install, inexpensive, low maintenance, have extremely long life and allow for individual room temperature settings.


Electric boilers can provide primary heat for your home or business. An electric boiler system is a very quiet and clean heating alternative. Heated water quietly circulates through the system without moving air. Electric boilers are also efficient and durable heating devices for warm floor heating applications. The boiler heats water that is circulated through a piping in the concrete floor.

Floor Heating

Electric floor heating systems utilize stored heat during off-peak hours so that adequate heat is available during periods of peak time. The system combines the comfort of radiant heat with the cleanliness and consistency of electricity converting electrical energy into a reservoir of radiant warmth.

Plenum heaters

Electric plenum heaters are designed to sit on top of your fossil fuel furnace converting your furnace to a dual heating system. The electric plenum heater provides primary heat to your home or business. It uses your existing furnace fan to move the heat throughout your home.

Shop heaters

Electric shop heaters are an easy way to heat your shop or garage. Verendrye stocks Qmarks 5000 watt shop heaters which can be installed on your wall or ceiling in your garage. These heaters come with two speed fans and built in thermostats. By installing shop heaters in your garage or shop you also qualify for our special electric heat rate.