Donnybrook American Legion awarded grant

Donnybrook American Legion awarded grant

Donnybrook American Legion Post granted $2,500 for veterans memorial

By Tom Rafferty

If you spend time with the members of the American Legion Post in Donnybrook, you will hear them mention a lot of important names. The names are of men and women who served their country. Sadly many of them died in a war, while others were friends or neighbors who recently received military honors at a funeral.

Members of the Clarence McCormack American Legion Post 195 work hard to make sure they are not forgotten.

“Whatever works, we’re prepared to do it all,” said Gary Knudtson, commander of the post. He was referring to providing military rites for veterans at funerals.

The Donnybrook post has also been active in celebrating veterans in other ways. This year they completed construction on a veterans memorial in Donnybrook. It has stone monuments with plaques representing each branch of the service with a stone cross and flagpole.

“Someday there won’t be many of us left, but we’ll have a nice monument that will be around for a long time,” Knudtson said.

Verendrye Electric members, through the Operation Round Up program, recently donated $2,500 to the project to help complete landscaping and other finishing touches. Operation Round Up is a program where members round their bills to the nearest dollar. The money raised is pooled together and a board comprised of Verendrye members decides how to grant the money. They meet three times a year and grant around $66,000 annually.

Other ways the Donnybrook post honors veterans are with events. Each year there is a large Memorial Day celebration held in Donnybrook with a big meal served at City Hall, which is the old Donnybrook School. Within the school near the trophy case is a Wall of Honor that lists the names of local men and women who died while serving their country. The names include a handful of locals who fought during the Civil War.

This year the American Legion Auxiliary and the Donnybrook post held a 100th Anniversary celebration of the American Legion, complete with a parade, military memorabilia and other activities.

Knudtson said there are around 40 members of the Donnybrook post and they hold regular meetings mostly in the summer and fall months.

“We’re probably one the largest and most active posts for a small community,” he said.

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