Consumer Owned Generation

Consumer Owned Generation

Cooperative members and patrons may want to install their own electric power generation equipment. In these cases, your cooperative stands ready to work with you to ensure that your generation equipment is installed in a proper and safe manner, and in accordance with all applicable codes, standards, regulations, laws and insurance requirements. In most of these cases, you will also need to coordinate the installation and approval of your electric power generator with the local code inspection authority. Your cooperative engineers and customer service representatives can also help identify the appropriate contact for this purpose. 

Customers may wish to install their new generator and interconnect it with the cooperative electric distribution system. In these cases, you need to complete the application below and submit it to us.

Once we receive your application, we will review your proposed generator installation. If we approve your application, we will let you know if there are special steps you need to take during the generator installation process. We may request additional information regarding your planned installation. We will also ask you to sign a contract in which you agree to operate your generator safely, maintain the unit properly, and maintain insurance as needed. A copy of the Interconnection Agreement  and the rate schedule are also attached at the bottom of the page.

You can give us a call at anytime during this review process to find out the status of your application. If your application is not approved for any reason, we will explain the reason and be available to discuss your plans.

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