Verendrye sends bills out at the beginning of the month and payment is due upon receipt, no later than the 22nd of each month. Bills not paid by the due date are subject to late fees and disconnection of service. For a detailed explanation of your bill, be sure to read your Owner's Guide.

Verendrye offers several convenient ways to pay your bill and there are no additional charges for these services:

Register for an online account

Pay online by setting up an online account on your computer, or you can download our SmartHub app!

We strongly encourage all of our members to sign up for an online account. By having an online account, you can pay your bill online, see your monthly statements, and even track your energy usage by the month, day and hour with our billing and usage analysis program. Receive a 50-cent credit by choosing a paperless bill. Learn more about our SmartHub eBill program.

Sign up for Auto Pay

Auto Pay withdraws your payment around the 22nd of each month from an account of your choice (checking, savings, American Express, Visa or MasterCard).  There are no additional fees for this service.  Sign up through our SmartHub application or fill out the form found on the stub of your monthly statement.  If the withdrawal is from a checking or savings account, you will receive a 50-cent credit on your bill each month!


You can mail a check or money order payment to: 615 Highway 52 West Velva, ND 58790-7417.  Please include all of your electric statement stubs with your payment and the account number(s) written on the memo of your check.

Pay by phone

Call us and make a payment with American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Checking Account, or Savings Account over the phone at no extra charge.

Please call 1-800-472-2141 during our regular office hours.
Or, call 1-888-259-9226 for our automated phone payment system any time including after office hours and weekends

Pay in person

Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 5:00PM

Velva Office: 
615 Highway 52 W Velva, ND 58790

Minot Office:
1225 Highway 2 Bypass E Minot, ND 58701

Drop it off

Drop it off after hours in our drop boxes at our Velva or Minot offices, or at Marketplace Foods in Minot. (Please note Marketplace drop offs may not be delivered to Verendrye for 1-2 business days.)


Bring your statement into your local MoneyGram provider. The payment will post to your account immediately. MoneyGram requires you have your account number and agency receive code in order to make a payment. Verendrye's agency receive code is: 15420.
MoneyGram is available in Minot at Walmart or CVS Pharmacy and also in other cities across the U.S. MoneyGram may charge you a small fee for using their services.


Scan your Verendrye account barcode from the SmartHub app or print off the barcode from your SmartHub account at your local VanillaDirect providers. The payment will post to your account immediately. You must have your account barcode to make a cash or debit card payment. VanillaDirect is available in Minot, Velva & Burlington at Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kum & Go, and CVS Pharmacy and also in other cities across the U.S. VanillaDirect may charge you a small fee for using their services.

Budget Billing

Keep your bills consistent throughout the year by enrolling in Budget Billing. To calculate your Budget Billing amount, we take an average of the last 12 months billing. This 12 month average amount is then increased by 10%. This adjustment should help assure that even if the weather is colder or hotter than normal your budget amount should cover your electric bill. This is the amount you would pay for the next 11 months. On the 12th month, the balance between what you paid and what you used is settled. At this time a new Budget Billing amount would be recalculated for the following year. You must be on VEC service for at least one year with good standing credit at VEC to qualify and sign up for budget billing.

Other Third Party Payment Options

Many other payment options may be available for you to use. If not using a payment method listed above, it may take several days for us to receive the funds and may cause your payment to be received late. Other third party payment options may also charge you fees you would not otherwise pay.


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