Prouty Retires After 45 Years with VEC


The longest working Verendrye Electric employee is hanging up his hardhat after 45 years of dedicated service to the cooperative. Bob Prouty started at Verendrye on September 7, 1971 as an apprentice lineman in Velva.

Bob spent most all of his years at the outpost in Harvey where he transferred to in 1977 and was promoted to Harvey outpost area foreman in August of 2002.

Verendrye Electric holds 78th Annual Meeting

Electricity sales stabilized in 2016 and outage times remained well below state and national averages, which has created optimism in what lies ahead for the remainder of 2017.

That good news was reported at Verendrye Electric Cooperative's 78th Annual Meeting on June 8.

"We are in good financial condition even though the economy has cooled down. We saw a significant drop in kilowatt-hour sales from 2014 to 2015, but 2016 sales are comparable to 2015," said Blaine Bruner, chairman of the board.